This bracelet with matching earrings was a beginner's jewellery workshop held at the end of last year and if you would like to have a go the instructions are below:-


24 cm 0.38 mm gold wire
14 small brown beads
6 square red beads
7 large metal balls
12 small metal balls
2 clam shells
1 lobster clasp
2 jump rings

1. Thread one of the clam shells onto the wire and then make a knot in the wire and close the clam shell onto this knot and fasten.

2. Feed the beads onto the wire in the pattern as in the example.

3. Thread the other clam shell onto the end and knot the wire as close as possible using a pin to push the knot down as far as possible.  Close the Clam shell.

4.  Attach a jump ring to one end and the lobster clasp to the other end.

2 large metal balls
8 small brown beads
2 large red beads
2 Fish hook earring wires
2 silver head pins


1.    Thread one of the metal balls onto the head pin and then continue in the pattern as in the example.

2.    When you have completed the pattern make a loop in the head pin and then attach the earring wires.