Sunday, 31 July 2011

Great Value Jewellery

This is a brand new jewellery kit we have recently had come into stock. It is possible to make at least six items of jewellery in the combinations of your choice and all for just £19.99 and you get a small storage box with compartments for all your other bits and pieces too. This kit is the black and white option but there is another coloured version available. Very, very easy to put together and would make lovely little gifts. The only items I have added are a 4 cord ends, 4 jump rings and a couple of lobster clasp fastenings. You do get findings included but because I stretched the charms and beads to make more items there were not quite enough. You could just use the items included in the kit and make less but with more beads and charms on each but I like to get value for money!!!

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